Launching “Heavy Hitters”:
The Digital Industrial Podcast” Series

We are very excited to launch the Heavy Hitters podcast, the first podcast dedicated solely to bringing this important discussion of “digital industrial” innovation into the spotlight it deserves!

Bridging innovative technology companies into legacy industrial industries may not get the same glitz & glamour as other parts of the venture capital ecosystem, but these digital industrial innovators are critical behind-the-scenes to advancing the way our world designs, builds, distributes and operates daily. This podcast will pull the curtain back to talk with thought-leading industrial founders, investors and industry veterans about their learnings on launching, operating, scaling and investing in digital industrial companies and capabilities.

The objective is simple. We cannot afford to leave these critical industries, and the amazing skilled labor powering them, behind the on-going technology wave. We hope this podcast fosters a new community of listeners to engage and help us collectively write a new chapter for the future of industrials.

Find the podcast on Anchor, spread the word and join in on the discussion!


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