My Journey to Ironspring Ventures

I am pleased to introduce myself as Ironspring Ventures first Head of Platform. In this role, I’ll design and build a differentiated, best in class program to support the Ironspring portfolio, oversee activities to strengthen the firm’s brand, and expand the Ironspring network. With the current momentum behind the fund, this could not be a better time to refine and grow Ironspring’s platform strategy. 



My journey to Ironspring began before the firm even launched. From 2015-17, Ty Findley and I worked together at GE Ventures. At GEV, Ty was an investor focused on advanced manufacturing and supply chain technologies while I worked on EDGE, GEV’s platform to support its 100+ portfolio companies across stages, sectors, and geographies through leveraging GE’s unique resources and expertise. In addition to colleagues, we became fast friends. When our paths diverged after GE, we stayed in touch, connecting often on the latest in digital industrial innovation, public policy impacting the venture and industrial worlds, and navigating the VC community in Austin.

When Ty started Ironspring alongside his partners Peter and Adam, I knew I had to be a part of it. I’m a huge believer in the firm’s sector focus from my time spent in furthering infrastructure development and manufacturing innovation at PG&E, GE, and my studies in urban planning. I was also inspired by the knowledge and perspective Ty, Adam, and Peter brought to this endeavor given their deep, lived experience in the sectors the fund focuses on: manufacturing, construction, transportation and logistics, and alternative energy. The venture industry had few players backing disruptors in legacy heavy industries, and I knew Peter, Ty, and Adam had the backgrounds to build a strong, global brand and go far with their vision.

In early 2021, I pitched Ty on keeping me on a short list if the firm was ever in market for a Head of Platform. My three years at GE Ventures helping startups navigate leadership, product, and commercial challenges were incredibly meaningful and exciting, a mix of creative problem solving, network building, and program design, and I knew my career goals would include leading Platform strategy one day. Where better to do this than with a team of proven sector experts driven to create a new, pioneering VC fund backing companies that will transform how we work, build, and move in the world around us?



After GE Ventures, I joined NVCA, taking on an expansive role leading industry relations and venture firm engagement. For five years as Vice President of Industry Engagement, I architected and executed “platform for the VC industry,” an opportunity that gave me broad exposure across the rapidly evolving US venture ecosystem. Day in and day out, I had the privilege of meeting a diverse group of fund managers and operators – from first time funds to the industry’s most storied firms – and designing programs, content, resources, and events to further their success. Engaging with such a range of investors from across the country gave me tremendous appreciation for what it takes to be successful in venture and reinforced my conviction both in sector focused fund strategies and Ironspring’s enduring approach.

I wanted to return to Platform at a venture fund with this insight, perspective, and network. Head of Platform is a natural fit for me, as I thrive on being a connector, advisor, strategist, and catalyst. I love learning about people and teams and crafting solutions to open doors and find solutions. I love white space and creating new systems and initiatives to unlock growth. And most of all, I love understanding new markets and business models and playing a role in advancing world changing products and technologies.



I could not be more thrilled to join Ironspring, a group of standout individuals who truly work as a cohesive team. They have created a culture defined by collaboration, curiosity, and compassion, all values deeply important to me and ideals that guide this team to act as allies and advocates, not just investors. I bring my passion for Platform to Ironspring and am eager to become a trusted partner across the portfolio. A huge thanks to Ty and the entire Ironspring team for the exceptional opportunity to build something special for Ironspring and its community.

I’ll remain based in San Francisco, representing Ironspring on the West Coast. Please reach out at


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